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Tools of the Trade Index

One of my most regular features on this blog to date has been my “Tools of the Trade” series, highlighting classes of equipment a chess player either needs or can use. The series began as being aimed at the new player, or for parents of scholastic players. This page will hold the quicklinks to each part of this series to date.

Last Update: Jan. 3, 2010 (Part 10 Added)

Part 1: Piece Sets
Part 2: Boards
Part 3: Bags
Part 4: Clocks
Part 5: Scorepad!
Interlude 1: Why not a kit?
Part 6: Rulebook!
Part 7: MonRoi?
Part 8: USCF Membership
Part 9: Database!
Part 10: eNotate!!

Future ideas for this series:

Online Play
Playing Programs
Book Series for Recommended Books

I hope these posts help a new player or player’s parent to make better choices and get great gear that will serve a lifetime of chess playing – a great way to

Enjoy your Chess!