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Early XMAS for LV! eNotate Unboxing!

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Best of Christmas-Eve Day wishes to you! Christmas Day greetings coming tomorrow. For now…

Yesterday my eNotate PDA did arrive as expected from Sevan Muradian at the North American Chess Association. Let’s hear it for the hard working United States Postal Service employees! (Cold, bitter rain all day today in Bloomington.) And a round of applause for my wife, who was home to receive it.

*LV Bounces off the walls, grinning like a GM about to play for money against Bill Gates.*

Kudos to Sevan Muradian, too, after the cut!

Eventually I’ll post a full review post with other pictures. But, for the moment, here’s some of the unboxing pictures after the cut! Enjoy!