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And just that quick, it’s done!

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Within the course of the week, in the other three correspondence games I was playing my opponents resigned their games. In all three cases I had built up significant advantages, in two of them I knew exactly what I had to do next to win them.

In the third I really wasn’t sure that I had a positive win. It was Knight and Rook against two Bishops, though I also had a heavy pawn advantage and my opponent also had two sets of doubled pawns. My opponent’s two Bishops were heavily pinned down, but it seemed to me to convert it I had to let those Bishops roam free – a prospect I didn’t relish. So, upon my opponent making a move error (posted my move incorrectly) and having to retract back, I offered a draw. My opponent, though, resigned the game. It turned out in post-game analysis that my fears were a little overblown. While his Bishops would have been let loose, it seems likely he would have had to sacrifice at least one of them to stop my pawns advance, and it seems likely that it would have worked down to a Bishop against Rook and Pawns ending.

So now my record stands at 4-0-0 at the group where I’m playing. I’ve been trying to decide if I should take a breather for a week or month…. But the itch is getting stronger. :) While it can be a little inconvenient to have to keep up with the games, I feel the attraction of correspondence play. And I do enjoy the email format; maybe during my next games I’ll try a server also, just to compare.

I’m also strongly considering doing a video on one or two of the games. It’s been awhile…