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Been off for a few days…

Monday, February 8th, 2010

…enjoying my chess, of course! ;)

I’m publishing this tonight; next update maybe tomorrow live from Colley’s, or possibly Wednesday morning. But since it’s been more days than I’d like since I’ve posted, here it is.

Friday was a very hectic day at work, lots of stuff to do and then getting off early. (Got off early to go and prep for Saturday on Friday evening…)

Saturday it was working the computer room at the Colene Hoose elementary school tournament. Just didn’t have time to create a blog entry from the tournament room; doing other stuff in the lulls between entering results and pairing, plus picking up some good WinTD tricks.

Sunday was pretty much a rest day. Did some errands, laundry, and didn’t get to the most important bit. A little bit of chess, but not much. Which was OK on the Sabbath.

Then it was today. “Work” was attending a class on Advanced Excel for Power Users – which I loved! – and then tonight it was the usual Tri-City Chess Club night at Colley’s. Played two games, a casual game that I was clearly lost in before my opponent blundered. (Hey, I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, burned it, and then been there all over again. Multiple times.)

Then I had a G/25 unrated game that I felt reasonably good to draw. I think I should’ve been able to convert it to a win, but I’ll take the draw. Maybe more on that later.

Lots of good conversation and camaraderie! Thus, it’s been a wonderful few days of enjoying my chess. Hope in the interim you’ve been able to

Enjoy your Chess!

TDing at IL All Grade in Bloomington

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Today was the All Grade K-12 tournament. I ran the computer for grades 3 and 7.

I absolutely love running the computer. And, aside from a recording error that happened on the floor in one round and some people who failed to register their teams or registered the wrong team, I think I had an error-free run.

This is what I want to do as a TD. (Though eventually I would like to floor direct, also, just for the experience.)

More later. Bed now.