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Sometimes it’s not as bad as I think….

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I played two games on Saturday, and lost both of them rather quickly. In both I thought I was completely and totally lost early on. I did make a first-class blunder in one of them. Prior to my blunder move the position was:

Bad but not Dead

Bad but not Dead

I couldn’t find a move that worked at all, and I thought I was utterly lost here on move 20. I made it that way by giving away my Bishop for nothing.

The position is certainly grim, but oddly Fritz6 shows my position being rated at only -2.22. This is despite being a whole minor piece behind and with a very isolated center pawn.

I’m certainly not winning, and I would be very hard pressed to work out a draw here. This is wildly different, though, from being “completely and totally lost.” In fact, when I washed the next ten moves through Fritz, the absolute best line is only up to -3.00. The fantasy position for move 30 is:

Still down badly but not completely dead, and it is playable.

Still down badly but not completely dead.

I wonder if I wasn’t feeling the pressured to move *something* at that moment, would I have seen the move I should have made instead of the losing blunder I chose. (Plus I play at a level and against opponents who do blunder and choose less than optimal lines, also.)

All of this is meant to say that “objective assessment of the position” also implies not panicking just because one is behind.

Enjoy your chess!