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Round 1 Olympiad Coverage

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Dennis Monokroussos predicted the usual problems with live game transmissions… and may have been right.  When I first checked  into the TWIC site at about 6:30 AM local (2 1/2 hrs. into round 1) their live coverage simply had a note that the live relays were either offline or ultra slow.

But then I found that the Official Site has a live game relay of what they consider the top sixteen live games.  The link is and I was fairly impressed with it.  It seemed to be reaosnably up-to-date.  It also interspersed Rybka 4 analysis… not sure if I liked that, as anyone can download Arena and Stockfish and get analysis just as good (at least for those of us below the GM level.)  But the interface itself was very clean, as was switching between the different games in progress.

I don’t know if it was just me, but it seemed like a lot of the top 16 games had already been decided by the time I checked it out.

Results-wise, it looks like most teams finished with 3.5 or 4.0 scores.  (Or conversely zero or one-half point.)  The USA did very well in round 1 in both divisions, open and women’s.  There were quite a few QP and Sicilians flying around on the 16 boards, a few other openings, but I saw no Ruys or Italians.  (Not surprising, but nothing that leaps to mind as a “Wow!” game.  Kamsky’s draw was interesting…)

Possibly more later, depending on how much time my correspondence games take up in time.