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Live from Colley’s, 1/11 Version

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

So, another night for Twin Cities Chess Club at Colley’s.

Tonight it was fun, as all of us were present at some point Saturday’s tournament. We had a look at the beautiful Gelfand-Nakamura game in Round 5 of the World Team Championship. Go Nakamura! From there we, as a group, played through a game from Saturday’s tournament.

Then we all just talked for awhile as a group, and then had a G/10 ladder event. Can’t say that I won any games (my perfect record at Quick remains – no wins!) It was still pretty fun to descend down the ladder.

A little more chat, some consolidation of my games from the tournament into ChessBase (since I still don’t have my 2009 Light Premium running,) and then it was a little over three hours later.

Shameless plug: Come on down to Colley’s Chess Cafe on Monday nights! (Or Tuesday nights. Or just stop by!)


Personal log: I’m deeply considering attending the tournament down in Decatur this Saturday. A lot of us are. :)

Originally I wanted to go to the fun event in Peoria on Sunday at Hardee’s, but I’m attending a hockey game instead. (Another nice thing about Chess: Nobody ever went to a fight and a Chess Game broke out. Though the reverse has sometimes been regrettably true…)

Then Monday is the MLK Scholastic tournament, and I’m working the floor there.

I am taking Tuesday off, too, and am going to a play with my Mom.

Then the following Saturday is another tournament I’m assisting at.

So it will be a busy couple of weeks for LaughingVulcan. The blog may suffer a little… but it can.

If you’re out there reading, I’d appreciate a comment saying you are. (Note: NO commercial spam links allowed or obviously spammy email addresses.) But I appreciate knowing I’ve got actual readership. :) Until I hear from you

Enjoy your Chess!

“Live” from Colley’s, Again!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Another Monday night, another meeting of the Tri-Cities Chess Club at Colley’s. The evening started off with fast blitz action and slow games alike, moderated by a couple of slow games with others. Five of us were present.

Mondays and Tuesdays are different environments at Colley’s Chess Cafe. On Tuesdays the play is lively and the talk is loud. Kids are playing and the din is something to behold. On Mondays it is (mostly) deep games and a lot more quiet. It’s also something of a more intimate atmosphere, at least for the time being.

Some players can’t take the volume. Others can’t take the quiet. Me, I like both in their own fashion. (Though I do admit that absolute silence doesn’t work for me – I’ll use my MP3 player if it is dead quiet in a playing room.)

Personally, I wish every player could take time to try both ways. Either may work, or both. At any rate, I had a fun time playing – I enjoyed my chess, and hope that you

Enjoy your Chess!