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Good Computer Things Happening to LV

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

I need to make this brief, as I really should be doing other things at home at this moment.

But my copy of Fritz 12 arrived today. It installed without a hitch, and it is at least as excellent as I’d hoped for. (In fact, moreso after a few minutes usage.) I won’t be trying to install it to my old laptop. (That machine is heading towards a full-on install of Ubuntu Linux.)

Full review coming to this blog, soon!

I also heard back from ChessBase support today. Sadly, what I had all-but-proven is true: ChessBase 2007 won’t install to my new system. The support I’ve received, however, has been most excellent. It, in part, has caused me to purchase the Premium version of ChessBase 2009 Light.

While I could probably suvive with alternatives, there were several factors that went into my deciding I needed the ChessBase. The excellent service I’ve received is one. Second is that ChessBase really does manage to improve their products significantly with each new release. I can count on the folks at CB to keep improving their products to keep up with the state of the art. One clincher is how easy I have found both preparing diagrams and generating the full replay boards using ChessBase – a very handy tool for a budding Chess Blogger. Next to last, I anticipate no problems with the new software and adding in the Fritz 12 that I just got as a UCI engine. Finally, ChessBase also provides chess world news and information – check out the link in my sidebar to them. I like supporting companies that support Chess beyond what would be simply necessary to sell their product.

Add it all up, and I’m glad that I found the free version of ChessBase back at Version 6.

OK, off to other things, but I hope that you too can find the tools which help you best to

Enjoy your Chess!