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So the new year is upon us…

…and I have it on good authority that Chess will continue to be played in 2011.  :)

Correspondence update:  From my last update on November 11th.  I was right about the third game.  It ended with a loss, making me 1-2 with one game remaining.  (That one was a forfeit loss because of time, and by the IECC rules a time loss means all games in that event are forfeited.  This is offset by the IECC TDs being more than willing to reset the clocks to zero on an opponent’s apology for stepping over; I like the concept that the clock exists to keep the game moving along and not as a guillotine above the head.)

Anyway, one game left.  As I’ve given my opponent this blog address. I won’t comment on how it’s going….  I’m enjoying the game immensely though, and I think we’re winding it down (if not already past the penultimate moment, it’s very close.)


So, it’s almost the end of the year.  A good time for celebration, reflection, and goal setting for the next year.

Some of the things I have to celebrate:

  • While my first rated game came in December of 2009, it was close enough to say that I really began serious tournament play this year.
  • I played in 21 events in 2010.  (Really taking to heart the rulebook’s suggestion that Tournament Directors should continue to play in tournaments for perspective!)
  • While the vast majority of those were at my home club, I traveled to:  Bloomington once (an open not TCCC sponsored,) Peoria twice (GPCF Winter Tornado and Bradley Open,) LaSalle/Peru once, and DeKalb once.
  • Served as a TD in 16 events.  There was a good mix of scholastic and club events.  I feel very comfortable now as a floor director or computer operator, or sole TD of an event.  (Very different from my first event as a certified TD in February of 2009!)
  • Passed my Local TD exam, a goal of mine made in 2009.
  • I had a win against a player in the 1100 rating range, and I have a very solid win record against other players in my current rating range.  (Which makes me think I’m a little underrated… but who doesn’t feel like that? ;) )  Many of my other games in the sub-1500 range have been pretty close.
  • I’m feeling much better about my middlegames, and I can see where I’ve strengthened as a player in the last year.  My skill at defense has also continued to improve.
  • I’ve developed the webpages for our club, and it’s now at a point of adding content and maintaining as opposed to developing.

That’s a lot to celebrate!!!!!

So, for the year to come….  I’m not really ready to set solid goals yet – still the silly season, isn’t it?  :)  But here are some ideas I am toying with:

  • Develop my endgame play.
  • Take advantage of an offer to receive lessons.
  • My last 12 months of rated play show a 29.7% win rate.  I’d like to improve that to at least 33%.
  • In the next year, I’m playing at DeKalb in January.  I’d like to play in next year’s Bradley Open.  Of the following four places, I’d like to play in at least two of them and as many as possible:  Chicago (preferably North Shore Chess Center,) Freeport, Springfield, Decatur, St. Louis Chess Center.
  • I’d like to attend a day of the U.S. Championship again in 2011.  If there is an open blitz event as well, as last year, this could provide the St. Louis playing opportunity.  Possibly meet the other club members on one day, stay overnight, watch the second day and play in the blitz event.
  • Work towards getting the directing requirements to become a Senior TD.

Hmm… for not setting goals, I have quite a few to choose from!  It’s pretty clear that in 2011 I’ll be enjoying my chess.  I hope that in the new year, you too will

Enjoy Your Chess!

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