Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:25

The limit of Chess Devotion

This is a pic-heavy report on our trip as we attempted an out-of-town tournament carpool run.  More below the cut…

It seemed like a pretty good morning.  Yesterday the warnings were a little dire…

wxBut we couldn’t see it here.  A little snow, so what?  At 7;30 this morning… no winds.  Dead calm.  So we committed to starting out to DeKalb, 120 miles away, for a 4 round tournament.


It was bad, but not evil, as we headed out onto the roads.  Then we got onto I-39 and out of the Bloomington metro area….


and further on


and further on


A white out once, and the wind whipped the back end of the truck and nearly put us into the ditch once.  (The superior skills of our driver was what saved us from being in the median.)  So we reached Wenona and needed the break from the road.


45 miles in 60 plus minutes of  freeway driving.  A nice breakfast we had at the Burger King there.


Conditions were supposed to be worse going north of LaSalle/Peru (about the halfway mark.)  So, we exercised the superior logic that chessplayers employ.  We turned around for home.

As Jar-Jar Binks would say, "Weeeesa goin' hooomme!"

As Jar-Jar Binks would say, "Weeeesa goin' hooomme!"

It was still not easy – even though the wind was with it, conditions were worse with multiple white-outs.

Not "out of the woods" yet - some woods would have been nice as a windbreak.

Not "out of the woods" yet - some woods would have been nice as a windbreak.

So, we found the limits of our devotion….  This isn’t the end of the story, though.  We were talking on the way home and decided that when we were back in Bloomington we headed off to Colley’s Cafe.  An unlock later and we had an informal tournament between the three of us.



And then it was now, and history stopped.  We’ll be heading home in a little bit.

(Thank you, Colley, for still letting us enjoy our chess today!!!!!)

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