Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:41

I can tell it’s scholastic season…

…by how tired I’m getting. ;) :O

Last Friday night it was a 3 round scholastic tournament and I was privileged to be one of the computer operators.

On Saturday it was the simul with Dr. Turgut as a participant.

On Monday it was club night. I only played the first round of the G/20 tournament – mostly because I was exhausted enough that I played just to fill a round.

Today (and for the past several nights) it was working on what became a 33 player scholastic tournament that I was USCF Chief TD of today.

Tomorrow (weather permitting) it’s a run up to DeKalb for their Cornfield Challenge II tournament, along with friends from the club. (Glad I’m not driving after all…)

And all throughout it I’ve had the last of my four correspondence tournament games to keep up with.

And on Monday it’s Round 1 of our monthly G/60 at the club.

But it’s a really good kind of exhausted – enjoying my chess. :) :D

Enjoy your chess!

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