Thursday, June 30, 2022 09:52

Draw, sweet draw…

This was a not bad week for me so far. (It’s Wednesday, but because of Thanksgiving it feels like Friday…)

On Monday night at the club I played an unrated game against one of the stronger youths around the B/N chess scene. More specifically, I’ve never won a game against him. My record was 0-2 in tournament play, and I know I’ve lost at least two other unrated and unrecorded games against him.

While I wasn’t able to scratch out a win, I was able to hold him to a draw. One of my friends noted that I was a little generous in proposing the draw – he thought that, even though a pawn down and with doubled pawns, I could have scratched out a win. I’ll be checking that this evening, and hopefully updating this post with the results.

Update: I did place the final position on both Fritz 12 and Stockfish 1.8; they both hold that Black is very slightly better out to an obscene depth level. But I think that the continuation is still holding a draw and the advantage isn’t enough. I’ve appended a second game to the pgn file below which shows the continuation.

But still, it is most excellent to get a different result from a player that you’ve historically lost to on a consistent basis.

And I get to test a plugin I just installed for this blog to display PGN files directly (without having to go through the Caissa’s web link, which I have been grateful to have.)

Though it’s beginning to be miserably cold here, it has been a most excellent week for enjoying my chess. I hope you, too, have been able to

Enjoy your Chess!


2 Responses to “Draw, sweet draw…”

  1. Nathaniel Sobery says:

    draw, bitter draw!!

  2. LOL!!!!! Were I to rewrite the post, I would indeed note that one’s perspective of the sweetness of a win or draw does indeed directly relate to which side of the board one was on. :D

    The flip side of that is that I think my current record against you still stands at 0-4-1. :)

    And your own draw against Dr. Turugut… sweet? ;)

    (BTW, sorry about the delay! All pre-weekend I was getting the computers ready for Friday’s tournament, then over the weekend I was doing cleanup work on Friday’s tournament and the simul, post-simul game collecting/photos/blogging, then we lost Internet last night.)