Thursday, June 30, 2022 11:05

Blog back up without theme… Plus

….After my blog ate itself during an upgrade, it took awhile to figure things out.

The key to retstoring the text was to use Yahoo’s database administration tools and phpMyAdmin from the Yahoo control panel end to restore my WP backup (as opposed to the phpMyAdmin tool one can install inside WordPress itself and use from the WordPress Dashboard.)

And, got to give plus points and an apology to Yahoo’s favor:  I never reported this as a problem, but I did get an email from Yahoo! customer support stating they noticed I was having a WordPress problem and they were available to contact for support.  Big plus for Yahoo, when you haven’t reported the problem but they know about it and initiate contact!

But, as you may see if you’re viewing this now, when I got it back up, it turned out something is broken in my theme.  Not too surprising - I did quite a bit of customization on that theme and it was a learning experience in php and CSS.  It wouldn’t surprise me if I introduced a change that busted the theme.  And if those theme changes were what ate the blog post-upgrade. (Actually, since I couldn’t open up the blog admin controls, I’ve rules out my changes as to what ate the blog.)  But I’m still not upgrading via the WP dashboard.

So, now all that left is to build/rebuild a theme.  Part of me will miss the old layout, but I think I was getting a little tired of the severity of it. The theme is back up again, much as it was as before.  I’m still trying to figure out just how I got the sidebar a little smaller and the text containers larger.  That should be the end of the theme work.

Actually, I also found out that one thing the db backup didn’t do was to backup all the images and pictures that were in the blog.  They weren’t part of the db, residing in a separate media directory that was apparently wiped when I deactivated/reactivated the blog as part of the restore process.  It will take quite awhile for me to locate all the links and try to repair them – not made easier by a change of computers since I started the blog.

So, onward and upward!

And now, as I was re-customizing the theme, some of my posts started dropping out.  (This obviously was an accidental typo somewhere.)  And just as I was getting close to having it perfect again….   Sooo….  A complete change of theme to something I might like better, and a little header customization is all I’m looking for.

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