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Personal Goal Met!

One of my goals for this year was to obtain the next step in TD certification, from Club TD to Local TD.

For any readers unfamiliar with the USCF, “TD” is “Tournament Director.”  A TD can be thought of as a referee for  play.  TDs set the pairings of who plays whom, responds to player rule claims and questions, and generally keeps the tournament running.  It is the equivalent to an Arbiter in FIDE.

TDs start at the Club level, essentially promising that one has access to the rulebook and will faithfully apply the USCF rules to USCF rated tournaments.  Club TDs are authorized to direct tournaments or tournament sections expected to draw up to 50 players.  The next step up, Local TD, requires an established regular rating, a certain amount of credited directing experience, and passing an open-book test of rule knowledge.  Local TDs can direct tournaments or tournament sections expected to draw 100 players.

I am absurdly pleased that I achieved the requirements and passed the exam last week.  And there was great rejoicing!  :D

This makes me the newest of the 25 certified Local TDs in the state of Illinois, and one of 44 TDs who hold a Local or higher certification in Illinois.  “Absurdly pleased,” is accurate, as I didn’t pass with the 100% I had hoped for.  Really, what this means is I get to study and work more to learn to direct better.

A very big Thank You to all the other TDs who have helped me to get to this point.  These include (in no particular order):  Colley Kitson, Jeff Smith, Garrett Scott, Chris Morgan, Mark Nibbelin, Dennis Bourgerie, Tim Just, Ron Suarez, those whom I have forgotten, and those on the USCF Forums.  Thanks also to Bill Barton and the BNASC coaches and organizers, and also the Twin City Chess Club, for giving me directing opportunities and experience.  And also Thanks to all the players who have participated in the tournaments I have directed in.

The next step upwards (Senior TD) will be slow in coming, as the directing requirements leap considerably to the next level.  I’m setting a tentative timeframe of two years to reach that goal, and won’t be surprised if it takes three.  The requirements aren’t arbitrary, though, as the next exam covers topics which are not directly covered in the USCF rulebook but require directors to apply rules analogously to reach the correct decision.  The experience required, therefore, is much greater.

I did get to use my new certification this past weekend, running the computer for a K-3 JTP tournament for 22 players.   There were a couple of bobbles with starting the tournament (we didn’t stop registrations when we should have,) a new laser printer, and a learning experience in submitting a JTP event for rating.  But it was a good experience without many problems.

OK, time to run as I’m late for getting ready for work.  Helping others to play in tournaments is another way I enjoy my Chess and I hope that you continue to

Enjoy your Chess!

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