Sunday, January 29, 2023 08:19

Mad dash for “Last Sunday in the Cornfields”

Thanks for putting up with my Ribbon hatred last post…

Anyway, took a run up to the Borders in DeKalb today (123 miles and a little over two hour drive away) for a three round G/40 Swiss. (The tourney was titled “Last Sunday in the Cornfields” –  hence the thread title. ; ) )  Played three rounds, won one out of three games, and saw my rating jump quite significantly. None of my opponents were close to my rating range, so that one win was quite dramatic to my rating (to the tune of 71 points Regular, 88 points Quick!) Still in the Patzer section, though.

Of the 15 players there, I had met a couple of them at the Oglesby tournament back in February. One of them was the TD of the event, who reminded me that we played each other at that event (he won,) and another player from the Quad Cities I remembered drawing with there. Didn’t get to play either of them this go around.

That second round game… I haven’t analyzed it yet (just got home an hour ago!) But I’m pretty sure my opponent had me cold when he got a little anxious for the kill – he was going for a mate-in-1 killer, but in trying it he let me take a pawn with check and then mate him first. More on that game for another post.

Anyway, kudos to the DeKalb Chess Club and William Feldman (I think he goes by Bill?) for running a very nice tournament that fit well into an afternoon. I’d happily pop up there again another time! And bring friends from our club!


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