Sunday, January 29, 2023 08:40

John Hillery, 1952-2010

USCF has announced that John Hillery has died:

John was a frequent contributor at the USCF forums, and the editor of the Chess Journalists of America’s publication The Chess Journalist.  His blog, Western Chess, is in my blogroll at the right.

I knew him primarily from the forums, where he was a very vigorous poster and debater.

The following were my comments on the USCF site:

So surprising… Words almost fail me, but for the knowledge that he was a wordsmith.

True enough that anyone who disagreed with him certainly knew it. He’d stand his ground with tenacity and self honesty. But I could always learn from him. Either I’d end up changing my mind, or be forced to understand why I was on the opposite side of his position.

Much like chess, now that I think about it. And very much like a journalist.


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