Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:51

A Quick Decision to join a Tournament, Plus Game Test

So I was scanning the tournament listings a few days ago at the Illinois Chess Association website, and came across the 47th Annual Bradley Open happening in Peoria this weekend. It’s a little longer time control than I really like, but also figured, “Hey, why not?” I can use a day of chess playing without directing, and the four games will count very nicely towards getting off my provisional rating for Regular rated games.

(I also found out that to step up to the Local Tournament Director level it’s my Regular rating that has to have 26 games played, not just my Quick rating. This tournament will bring me to 25 games.)

If you’re in Peoria at the tournament tomorrow, say Hi! (But if you are there… it’s after 10PM the night before… what are you reading Chess Blogs for??? ;) ;) )

So, if I can find a WiFi connection tomorrow, I’ll probably be doing my round-blogging thing. Just as a test, I’m going to try to display my first Correspondence Chess win courtesy of the Caissa’s Web game display software:

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