Thursday, June 30, 2022 09:40

The Hot New Post (Hot as in Temperature!)

Long long time since I’ve blogged… But I’ve got a few minutes while I’m waiting for my wife’s flight to arrive from Chicago. (Much like a recent blog post by Mig!)

I’ve had a number of things keeping me busy since we went to St. Louis. (BTW, the facilities there are as good as the August Chess Life makes them out to be!)

Non-chess wise, aside from work, home life, etc. I’ve taken up poker online (and winning at it!) Also, fishing season has returned and I try to get out every weekend for at least a couple of hours at one of the ponds at a local city park.

Chess-wise, I’ve been enjoying my chess but haven’t had a lot of time to blog about it. My four correspondence games are continuing. Been playing since mid-May and I seem to be in good position still in all four games. When they’re finished I’ll probably blog (and/or video) about them. But that has soaked up quite a few hours.

Tournament-wise our local club has been running events on every Monday night (plus the last quarterly tournament we held.) If I haven’t been playing, I’ve been directing. (More directing than playing, I think.) This has made me very close to one of my goals now – I believe I have sufficient Quick-rated played games and directing experience to now request the test to become a Local TD. (I’m not sure if I have to wait for those games to be reflected in my official rating or not – and I think I asked that question of USCF already. :O ) I’m still learning, though, just like any other TD worth their pawns… I think the test will help me focus on my areas to grow in.

One of the hard things about blogging is the periods that make for the best blogging are the times when I’m busiest and have the least time! (True for everyone, though, I know…) Then throw in hat it’s the dog days of summer here and we’ve had energy-sapping high humidity as well as heat. Enough griping, though…

One thing some of our club members have come up with is that we’d like to play some tournaments outside our local area and meet other players than the regulars at our club. So I’m also looking into what tournaments are coming up out there. (Seems like tournaments are a little more sparse in the summer. But having freinds to carpool with makes the radius a little larger to find places to play.)

Well, the wife’ plane should have arrived already…. and was listed as on time. So it’s time for me to keep moving along through the summer days enjoying my chess. Until I get the chance to blog again, I hope that you too keep finding ways to

Enjoy your chess!

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