Thursday, June 30, 2022 11:09

The remainder of the World Championship schedule

In the last post I described a way to view the World Championship games between Anand and Topalov virtually live, for free. So, the other thing you’d need to know is when the other games are being played.

All remaining games start at 7 a.m. Central Time (14:00 U.T.C. – you can convert to your local time at .) The players continue to play until one player reaches 6.5 points (draws counting as a half point.) Tiebreak games will be played if necessary.

The schedule (player with White in parentheses) is:
Sunday, April 25: Game 2 (Anand)

Tuesday, April 27: Game 3 (Topalov)
Wednesday, April 28: Game 4 (Anand)

Friday, April 30: Game 5 (Topalove)
Saturday, May 1: Game 6 (Anand)

Monday, May 3: Game 7 (Anand)
Tuesday, May 4: Game 8 (Topalov)

Thursday, May 6: Game 9 (Anand)
Friday, May 7: Game 10 (Topalov)

Sunday, May 9: Game 11 (Anand)
Tuesday, May 11: Game 12 (Topalov)

Tiebreaks (if needed) will occur on Thursday, May 13 – may not be at the time of the others.

Speaking of time, the time control for the tournament (except tie breaks) is: moves 1-40 moves in 120 minutes, moves 41-60 in an additional 60 minutes, add 15 minutes at move 61 with the addition of 30 seconds [increment] for each move from them on. If you’re new to time controls, each side gets the amount of time specified. So, this means each side has 3 hours to get to and make their 60th move and with the increment there is no fixed point at which the game must end because of time.

And the net effect of that is that a game could go on for six hours or more. That’s a long time to be a chess spectator! What I will do is follow the game rigorously until one side or the other slows down for a long think. Then I’ll do other things with my computer, coming back to observe the game when I hear the click of a move being made.

Anyway, perhaps I’ll see you at FICS to watch Game 2! :) Until then,

Enjoy your chess!

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