Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:00

So very tired… but Happy! (IVCC Winter Tornado!)

I traveled up to Oglesby today (just a tad over an hour’s drive North of me,) and played in a 4 round G/80 tournament today.

My final score: .5 for 4. My second round was a draw that we actually worked down to King versus King. While a theoretical draw, brief post-analysis following the round showed that both my opponent and myself missed wins arising from being able to go Rook up. But oh, well.

I had originally planned to take a fourth round 1/2 point bye, but I got to talking pre Round-3 start. Part of me feels I should have, as I was tired enough that I dropped my Queen on move 6!!?!?! But, even Queen down, I held out for 66(!) moves before resigning.

The other interesting thing that happened… my Chronos clock died at the end of Round 3. (Batteries. I haven’t replaced them in a couple of years.) My opponent was going to call the TD over, but I could see the win he had, he was good enough to make it, and I resigned.

Thanks to Ron Suarez and the Illinois Valley Chess Club for running it!


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