Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:51

Two tournaments in three days!

The second was our monthly G/10 Blitz tournament for Tri-City Chess Club, last night. Went 1 for 4 (again!) My win was against an opponent who had a full and tiring day and then dropped – but I’ll take the win with gratitude. :)

The other thing to note: I learned that it is entirely possible to use eNotate to record full games even at G/10. That I went out of time wasn’t because of eNotate. I have *so* got to make a video about that, but it’s move tap-tap, move tap-tap, move tap-tap. With the 3 second delay I lost little, if any, time to recording. I’ll acknowledge that twice the tap-tap led to recording a wrong move, but undoing that was the work of about another 3-5 seconds.

My operational theory is: Blitz chess can, if you record your games and record enough of them, eventually reveal patterns of how one reacts to a given position. The eventual improvement goal is to learn how I see the board and react instinctively, in order to change how I see the board and thus change my reactions to something more winnable. (Not to mention to show myself where I am recognizing patterns appropriately and positively reinforce where I’m moving correctly.)

But, at any rate, chalk up another good thing about eNotate. ;)

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