Thursday, May 06, 2021 10:08

More Chess Video Action

I’ve done a couple more chess videos. Rather than upload to YouTube (and hit their 10-minute limit and have to split every one of them up,) I’ve been posting exclusively to – a site that I do have to get a link to in my sidebar! ;)

My two videos cover a loss I had and a draw that I took. Those two are available at these links:

My second video – QGD in tournament play

And my third video – you get to see what I look like in addition to a draw in a Sicilian.

I’m no expert, by any means. Sometimes I might use Fritz 12 to help confirm my analyses, but mainly I’m just doing these videos for fun. It’s a great way to enjoy my chess, and in watching them I hope you’re able to

Enjoy your Chess!


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