Thursday, June 30, 2022 09:45

Rest ‘em Up Day

Hope everyone had a good MLK day, and that you were able to enjoy your chess!

I did by floor directing a couple of sections at our annual scholastic tournament. It was very enjoyable – especially as I was charged with the Junior High section, which is generally regarded as the easiest to direct. (And a Thanks “shout out” to Garrett Scott, Chris Merli, Jeff Smith, the Computer Room staff, the scorers and floor assistants, everyone else I missed, and our players!) When I get a chance, I may blog just a little about the whole thing as well as the kinds of rulings I was asked to make.

But I’ve got some plans for today, a rest day I have off. Not to mention a reload, as this next Saturday I am TDing at another scholastic. If I do get time to do things chesswise over my day off it will probably be setting up and recording another video of one of my games.

I am also really glad that I took today off as paid time off from work in addition to yesterday. :D At the Twin Cities Club last night at Colley’s, I don’t think any of us who were both there and at the tournament had a lot of energy for playing.

Then again, Tuesday night at Colley’s. More playing opportunity! :D Today will still be a day to enjoy my chess. Hope that you also

Enjoy your Chess!

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