Sunday, January 29, 2023 09:01

First Regular Tournament Complete, Plus: eNotate!

My first regular time control tournament is complete, 4 games of G/70 with 5 second delay. 1 win out of 4 games, about a 30 player field. I knew some, but not all, of the players. Not skunked!

I’ll write more about it sometime tomorrow. In a nutshell: I had a wonderful time, and Jeff Smith ran a great tournament!

eNotate usage: 4 rounds of G/70 with 5 second delay… Battery: 70%. Impressive! (I did reset the power settings to dim the display after 15 seconds and power the unit down after one minute. I think that certainly helped. Plus the fact that I never hit true time pressure in any of my games, and neither did my opponents.) I already got my games copied to an SD Card and then migrated to this computer.

Note: Windows 7 does not seem to want to connect to the Axim PDA at all – but I believe this is the fault of the Windows Mobile connection software and not the PDA itself or the cradle…. I have read a lot of problems with getting older PDA devices to work with the Windows software. Emphasis here is that I did get the games over to my laptop, but it took an SD card to do it at the moment. And double emphasis that the eNotate system is very good – still NO faults with using it. Thumbs way up on it!

In Windows 7 news, I’m also having lots of trouble getting it to recognize my near-new Sony MP3 player. (Sony says I can add music using Windows Media Player but they haven’t written a driver for the MP3 player for Windows 7.) I also had trouble installing the device drivers for the Targus Card Reader I just bought – though I can use the thing now. Although I like my laptop very much, so far Windows 7 is earning Epic Fail after Epic Fail in my book – I can’t see why it’s getting such impressive reviews. :(

Hardware trouble aside… I enjoyed my chess very much today. I hope today was a day where you could

Enjoy your Chess!

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