Saturday, July 02, 2022 15:09

Test and New System

I ended up getting a new computer to post with, running Windows 7.

It turns out that ChessBase Light Premium 2007 apparently won’t load into Windows 7. I’m not sure if this is entirely a limitation of Windows 7, if it is because I’ve installed my copy on two computers already (one deceased, one flaking badly,) or if ChessBase has decided that with the release of CB Light 2009 to disactivate all new installs of CBL 2007.

I do know it’s making me frustrated, because I bought CB Light Premium less than 6 months ago. :( But, as I wait for CB Support to respond, I decided to download and install CB Light 2009 (not premium.) I’m hoping they’ll give me a break on purchasing it. It really is nice software.

But my experience with Windows 7 in general is: Looks cool. Stuff built in is mostly great. Support for add-in applications (like Windows Mobile Device Manager for PDA connection and trying to link my 3-month old MP3 player in… Epic Failures and many headaches.) And, overall, Linux generally does an OS better. But ChessBase only runs in Windows, so what will I do???

But I’m customizing my setup, including ChessBase, making it similar to (but different from) my old layout. And in the interim, I’m going to try inserting a random diagram here with my new settings as a test. I may be editing the diagram below later, to perfect my diagram setup before I get into posting diagrams regularly….

Test Picture

A test image from ChessBase Light 2009.

Second test image:

Second Test

Second Test image... I think this has got it! :)


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