Sunday, January 29, 2023 10:08

Off for a few days…

It’s Tuesday night as I write this. Though you’ll be reading this after Wednesday morning.

I can no longer call myself an unrated player. The four round Quick tournament I played in last month has finally been processed – my Quick Rating is provisionally based on four games at 999. (Four losses, no less!) So I’m on the board, so to speak. It becomes official on the next rating list. In other news….

I will play in in my first regular tournament this upcoming Saturday.

Tomorrow night I’ll be doing some final tactics and openings practice – I do not plan on setting up a blog post for Thursday AM. Thursday and Friday I may be online at the USCF Forums, but pretty much I’ll be giving myself a couple of nights off from Chess, Blogging, and the whole nine yards. (Resting up for Saturday! I’ll just be doing some personal meditation and motivation for myself.)

So, expect a post sometime on Sunday about how I did in the tournament, but not much – or anything! – before then.

Originally I was going to go and play tonight at Colley’s, but after dinner I find myself tired. Paying attention to that is a key in getting myself ready for Saturday. So I’ll be home tonight, mainly just resting up. Maybe a little tactics drilling on the tactics servers (Chess Tempo and Chess Tactics Server on the sidebar.)

I am finding that getting prepped for my first regular tournament is yet another way to enjoy my chess. I hope in the meantime you can

Enjoy your Chess!

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