Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:06

“Live” from Colley’s, Again!

Another Monday night, another meeting of the Tri-Cities Chess Club at Colley’s. The evening started off with fast blitz action and slow games alike, moderated by a couple of slow games with others. Five of us were present.

Mondays and Tuesdays are different environments at Colley’s Chess Cafe. On Tuesdays the play is lively and the talk is loud. Kids are playing and the din is something to behold. On Mondays it is (mostly) deep games and a lot more quiet. It’s also something of a more intimate atmosphere, at least for the time being.

Some players can’t take the volume. Others can’t take the quiet. Me, I like both in their own fashion. (Though I do admit that absolute silence doesn’t work for me – I’ll use my MP3 player if it is dead quiet in a playing room.)

Personally, I wish every player could take time to try both ways. Either may work, or both. At any rate, I had a fun time playing – I enjoyed my chess, and hope that you

Enjoy your Chess!

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