Wednesday, August 10, 2022 18:02

Online Resources

So, obviously you’re online if you’re reading this!

There are numerous good sources of information out there. (There are also bad sources…) Some of it comes down to personal preferences, some to the information you’re seeking, and also to the quality and accuracy of information presented.

Some of my favorites are listed in the sidebar to the right.

One source I need to mention here for the record: I do not participate in Usenet or Google Groups. If you see my name over there (either as “Darren Erickson” or “LaughingVulcan”,) either the post has been lifted from elsewhere or it is fake.

If I ever change my mind about that, I’ll post the change on my blog. But I have never seen the strength of Usenet, especially since there are so many other quality phpBB bulletin boards out there. (And there were modem-access BBSes out there long before Usenet, too!)

I haven’t come up with a Links policy yet (I’ve only had one request for a link to date.) I won’t promise that I’ll link to just anybody who asks. But if you’ve found a good site and want to put it into the comments, I’ll take a look and it might wind its way to the sidebar.

(BTW, I’m not talking about Spam Links here – I reserve the right to edit any comment posted to this blog or delete it outright. Them’s the rules.) But I do want to know what your favorites are. Exploring the wealth of chess information the Internet has to present to us is another way to

Enjoy your Chess!

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