Tuesday, May 17, 2022 00:50


A friend of mine (and scholastic coach) at Colley’s Chess Cafe made an interesting observation this evening after a couple of games of G/10 Blitz.

“You’re pushing…”

OK, I think. Pushing pawns? What?

“You’re pushing…”

Uh, buh…. what…. ?

He then explained. I’m overthinking too much. Burning clock time on what should be book moves for me in the opening. Burning clock time trying to find the perfect move on the board, when an adequate move would do. Burning clock time – 2 minutes on one move. 20% of clock time on one move is a bit much. Which you can’t really do in Blitz – not unless you’re positive you’re going to have a forcing move which will get you mate before you run out of time.

Even though I didn’t ask for the lesson, it was a good one.

Since I don’t have his permission to credit him with the observation, I’ll just say, “Thanks!” By the way, I’ve beaten him once that I can think of, blundered against him multiple times, drew him maybe once? A good friend for a Club Player to have. ;) I enjoy talking with him and I hope you have somebody as good who can help you to

Enjoy your chess!

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