Sunday, January 29, 2023 08:53

And now it’s done

My first rated event is indeed over. Five of us were present. Since tonight was the first Monday of the month, we made it a G/10 tournament. (Game in 10 – each side has ten minutes to make all moves.) Four rounds.

My score: 0 for 4. :D

But I did give it my best. I forfeited on time at least twice. I’m not used to playing this fast (not an excuse, but reality.)

My opponents ratings in Quick: 1536, 1620, 1350, 1624. My estimated performance rating : 950. (Though it’s not about that, to me.)

Against one opponent, I almost lost / found the one move to survive me / managed to go up a Queen / dropped my Rook / lost on time. :)

And it was fun, and I enjoyed it.

Next Monday: A round of G/50. I can’t wait! ;) I hope you, too continue to

Enjoy your chess!

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