Sunday, January 29, 2023 09:58

Missing the Easy One

I had a game earlier this week at the cafe that was interesting. Eventually I managed to win it, playing as Black. But after move 11 by White the position looked like this:

Position after 11. Nc3

Position after 11. Nc3

I was very tired, and I thought that 11. …Bh3 would confuse White immensely. My plan was that if 12. gxh3 then 12. …Qg5+ Kh1 and if I could manage it eventually …Qxh2 would put me very pretty. If, alternatively, White didn’t take and went 12. g3 then the Rook at f1 is now vulnerable.

(Post-game analysis with Fritz6 proves the old saying attributed to Nimzowitsch that, “the threat is stronger than the execution.” Actually 12. gxh3 is perfectly playable, giving a 2 point advantage to White. Black can threaten the check, but after Kh1 the threat evaporates.)

But, my opponent did play 12. g3. And, I was so enraptured by going up the Rook that I just took it (12. …Bxf1.) Here’s the missed part, though. If I had only played 12. …Qf3 instead, you get this:

This would have been so much better!  12. ...Qf3

This would have been so much better! 12. ...Qf3

Now, White’s next move is irrelevant – the next move following whatever White chooses for move 13 is 13. …Qg2#.

But I missed it. :O ;) It happens. And I still had a fascinating game, and eventually the win.

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