Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:34

Another test post

This is simple enough, and Dennis Monokroussos may have inspired me to turn this into a chess blog.  :D

The thing is, as I mentioned earlier, I’m a patzer.  So one can’t expect GM, IM, FM, or even Class-A analysis.  ;)

The main point to this post is not to post a puzzle, but to simply see if I can readily upload an image diagram directly from the WordPress control/Add New Post page.

Chess Tactics for Students, John A. Bain, Diagram 248And adding a diagram is just that simple…  From ChessBase copy image into Microsoft Paint and a Paste, a Save, and then use the Upload/Insert button and follow the easy steps to upload the image and then insert it into the Blog.  Wow!

(For those curious, this is a diagram from John Bain’s, “Chess Tactics for Students.”  Can’t see the underline button quickly… ;)  It’s Diagram 248 (IIRC,) a simple Skewer.  But remember, if this becomes a blog, it’s going to focus on the simple.  :D

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