Thursday, June 30, 2022 10:24

Hello world!

This blog originally started out when LiveJournal started to make moves that seemed like they were going to try and monetize the “Free” accounts they offered. I started looking for alternatives to LiveJournal, only to discover that my Yahoo! web hosting package included either WordPress or Movable Type as part of my monthly subscription fee.

I started immediate preparations to migrate – creating a complete backup of my LiveJournal Blog, doing much reading on how to achieve a LiveJournal->WordPress migration, and enabling and creating this blog.

Then LiveJournal backed away from their plans and apologized to the free account holders… My LiveJournal blog has been friends-locked for quite awhile now, and I do have friends over there. So I backed off the migration. Leaving me with an unused blog. :)

So, now I’m thinking of turning this into a Chess Blog of my observations as what is euphemistically (and a little sarcastically) described as a, “Club Player.”

We’ll see if this takes off and if I keep up with it. There are plenty of good and highly-rated-player blogs out there. Maybe there’s a place in the world for a good and not-so-highly-rated player and TD’s blog.

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