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So you ask, “Who is LaughingVulcan?” Good question. Someday I’ll have a complete answer for you, but for now…

I am Darren Erickson, of Bloomington, Illinois.

This is my fishing blog, so I’ll start there.  As a child, I still remember my first fishing trip to Bone Lake, Wisconsin with my parents.  I managed to catch a small Northern Pike.

Into my teenage years, my Dad bought a small boat and we’d take trips up to Roosevelt Lake in Arizona.  I don’t remember ever catching anything there.  But those trips -  some with my friends, some with family or my Dad’s friend, and some with just me and Dad – I now recognize them as some of the most underappreciated times I spent in childhood.  I also learned that an Uncle of mine was an avid angler during his funeral.

As a newly (and happily!) married man, I discovered the need for low-cost hobbies which would get me out of the house and allow my overactive brain some down time.  I can’t tell you how I resettled on fishing.  But I did.  It’s now one of my four principal ways I spend my free hobby time.  (The three others are Chess, Science Fiction and reading, and general technogeekery.  Currently on this site is also my chess blog and I also maintain the blog/webpages of our local chess club.)

As to what I go after:  I am a shore fisher.  Despite the pictures on the header, most weekends I spend a few hours catching panfish.  Usually I use live bait, favoring waxworms.  I’ve had good success with Berkeley’s Blade Dancer series of artificials.  I’ll write up another page about my gear lineup.

When I’m not on the water’s edge…. Among other things, I work at a local medical practice.

I was ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 1997. I am no longer rostered in the ELCA as an ordained minister; although I no longer use the title, under the “once ordained always ordained” philosophy I still feel fully entitled to the honorific Reverend. I graduated Master of Divinity from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

I am married, and we are both owned by a cat.

Sometimes it is hard to be a LaughingVulcan…

…but oh so fun! :D

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