Let’s Play Catchup!

Up until this weekend the weather has been very bitter – a very late winter (had snow on the day before Spring started,) and temps in the 30s and low 4os, with nighttime lows in the 20s, nearly constantly since.  This was the first decent weekend in quite some time, after a long week of rain and flooding in Peoria and along the Mackinaw.

No photos from today’s White Oak trip – caught nothing.  Windy and high 40′s/low 50′s ish.   By midafternoon it was low sixties and the wind finally went away, but I was home already.

So, I took some time to catch up the blog.  I was surprised to see that my last post was from last April!  It helps to keep things up if one is going to keep up a blog.  So the afternoon through this evening was spent getting it caught up.  A whole lot of photos transferred from camera and iPhone later, posts writing and uploaded (thank God that WordPress is a lot easier to work with in creating galleries, etc.) and here we are at last.

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