Good Friday, Fair Fishing

It was over to White Oak park on Good Friday.  The last couple of years White Oak just doesn’t seem like it’s been as good on the fishing front – the water levels have been low and there just don’t seem to be any go-to spots without the reed beds covered by water.  This day was no exception; I was out for several hours, did a full circle and worked every side of the pond, and all I caught was one tiny bluegill and a crappie that probably isn’t worth the pictures I took.

The low water levels also reveal that at the best of times, one can cast only to about a four foot depth except at the South end of the lake, which isn’t much better.  I had pretty much known that previously, though walking around revealed a few stumps and boulders that would normally be structure.

I saw some foam on one stretch of shore, but not much.  If what I saw was really an indicator of Bluegill spawn either the weird up-and-down temps are having an effect, the Gills are bedding beyond casting range, or the pond really isn’t much.  My working assumption is the latter.  White Oak park is beautiful, one can easily navigate around the whole circumference thanks to the walk/bike track, but I’ve got better places to fish at.

Just figuring out now whether I’m going out this morning.  I toyed this morning with getting out at the crack of dawn, but that didn’t materialize (still too chilly out.)

The one spot I was catching. The photo doesn't do justice to the water level, normally there is no sand not covered by water.

The one tiny Gill I caught, on Crappie Nibbles no less.

And one little Crappie, nothing to write home about.


Wx data below the cut.



Actual Average Record
Mean Temperature 46 °F -
Max Temperature 63 °F 0 °F 77 °F (2001)
Min Temperature 29 °F - 25 °F (2007)
Degree Days
Heating Degree Days 19
Dew Point 27 °F
Average Humidity 55
Maximum Humidity 96
Minimum Humidity 25
Precipitation 0.00 in - - ()
Sea Level Pressure
Sea Level Pressure 30.23 in
Wind Speed 11 mph (ENE)
Max Wind Speed 18 mph
Max Gust Speed -
Visibility 10 miles



Time (CDT) Temp. Windchill Dew Point Humidity Pressure Visibility Wind Dir Wind Speed Gust Speed Precip Events Conditions
1:56 PM 57.9 °F - 26.1 °F 30% 30.25 in 10.0 mi East 13.8 mph - N/A Clear
2:56 PM 61.0 °F - 27.1 °F 28% 30.23 in 10.0 mi ESE 13.8 mph - N/A Clear
3:56 PM 61.9 °F - 26.1 °F 26% 30.22 in 10.0 mi ESE 9.2 mph - N/A Clear
4:56 PM 63.0 °F - 26.1 °F 25% 30.21 in 10.0 mi ESE 9.2 mph - N/A Clear
5:56 PM 61.0 °F - 25.2 °F 25% 30.21 in 10.0 mi East 8.1 mph - N/A Clear


Rise Set
Actual Time 6:30 AM CDT 7:25 PM CDT
Civil Twilight 6:02 AM CDT 7:53 PM CDT
Nautical Twilight 5:29 AM CDT 8:26 PM CDT
Astronomical Twilight 4:55 AM CDT 9:01 PM CDT
Moon 7:45 PM CDT (4/6) 6:02 AM CDT (4/6)
Length Of Visible Light 13h 51m
Length of Day
12h 55m
Full, 100% of the Moon is Illuminated
Apr 6
Apr 6
Apr 13
Last Quarter
Apr 21
Apr 29
First Quarter



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