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First Scholastic Organizing Experience

Monday, December 20th, 2010

I’ve been gearing up for my first experience organizing and being Chief TD of (what we hope will be!) a large scholastic tournament.  Chris (who will run the computer room) and I have been working on it pretty steadily, with lots of good help from the club members.

Up until now I’ve worked the floor, worked the computer room, run the computer room once, and have done smaller tournament organizing.  Coordinating it all, though, takes up a lot more time – even more than gearing up to run the computer room.  (Heck, Chris and I took most of Saturday afternoon just ordering the trophies and medals!  Next time around, should we use the same supplier, it will be a lot easier.  But the first time always takes more time…)

I’ve also developed a couple of really good spreadsheets to help me in calculating income-expense and breakeven points.  (That sheet currently says I need about another nine players to break even.  We are hoping for at least four to five times the number of entries we currently have, but we also only have another two weeks before registration closes.  That isn’t just “hope chess” –  average scholastics here run right around that number.  But it’s different when you’re on point for trying to make that happen.  The other slippery factor is that one needs a radically different staffing layout from a 30-person scholastic to a 120 person scholastic.)

But the point of the prior paragraph was originally to say that once I’ve gotten past the tournament, I’m hoping to turn those spreadsheets loose to the public for others to use in their tournaments.  They are pretty sweet, allowing a rolling projection of how many registrants generate how much income, other income sources, list the expenses one has in a tournament, and show current profit/loss as well as how many players are needed to break even.  (It even uses the current ratio of players to tell you how many additional are needed in each section, and takes into account diffferent net per player in sections by number of rounds and rating fees……)

For any local people reading this blog, too, the proceeds are going to our club in helping to keep our club’s meeting place.  (We’d like to keep meeting there, but the reality is that the club hasn’t been carrying its own weight in location expense., even with membership fees.  Sooo…. we take a risk and hope that scholastic players will come to our tournament to keep us at our home.)

Wish us luck, and as I enjoy my chess by organizing and directing,

Enjoy your chess!

Directing My First Adult Tournament

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

My leg is still bothering me a little bit (after thinking, foolishly, that it had gone away.) A combination of headache on Monday and then a Tuesday spent catching up on some personal stuff.

So now I’m at Wednesday, and it’s time for a Shameless Plug… In one month I’m going to be TDing my first adult event here in Bloomington. Another TD will be on the computer and I’ll be taking care of the floor.

Exciting! But I’m going to have to knuckle down now to settle some loose threads of the tourney, as well as begin my final review of the rulebook and rules supplements.

So, here’s the details as we’ve posted them at the Illinois Chess Association. (We submitted an online TLA at USCF as well, but I’ve still got to edit it for a couple of typos… :o !)

* * *

Twin-City Chess Club April 2010 Open Quarterly Tournament.

Northbridge Baptist Church, 2413 Ziebarth Rd., Normal, IL 61761.

1 Open Section. 4 Rd Swiss, G/60 w/ 5 second delay.

EF: $20, $2 disc. to TCCC members.

Prize fund: 80% of EF’s.
1st 25%, 2nd 15%, A,B,C,D & Below: 10% each.
Top upset, top unrated: Book prize.
Players 18 and below are eligible for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies in addition to overall/class prizes.

Registration: 9:15-9:50.

Rounds: 10:00, 12:30, 2:30, 4:30.

Half point bye available any round, Round 4 byes must be chosen before Round 3 starts.

Other information: Bring sets, clocks, boards – none supplied. Lunch may be purchased onsite. Email advance entries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Include name, phone number, and USCF ID number.


* * *

See you there? ;) :D