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Near Rumination on Northbridge Tournament. Moo!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

My first Regular time control tournament was played at Northbridge Baptist in Normal. It was a four round G/70 with 5 second delay. There were about thirty players total, and it really was enjoyable. Jeff Smith did a great job directing, as did Victor Mata (assistant TD and house player.) I arrived just in time to check in for Round 1.

During the tournament itself, I did some blogging in between rounds. Here’s what I wrote then:


Round 1 is complete. A loss against a 1500 I didn’t know. The critical error came in the midgame when my Queen was vulnerable and I tried to find a way to save her. [Ed. note: I do need to verify that…]

I consider it a very good game, and I was more or less on time with the other player. When I was finished it was great fun. eNotate is working very well.

Round 2, and another loss against a local player I have known somewhat for some time. He’s rated 1484. I was playing White, led into a Giuoco Piano, and I think I got too cute by half. I kept ratcheting up pressure, giving him much of nothing. But I ended up having my Queen trapped, and it was a very quick loss thereafter.

So now I’m in between rounds with 35 minutes to go before the next round. The playing facilities are very nice. The playing room is their main sanctuary space, and their multipurpose room is the skittles area. It is an enjoyable environment.

There are many players here today (about 30.) Many of them I have known for over a year – I can count six that I know well, and another few that I know from the scholastic circuit.

A lot of people are playing skittles games or analyzing their past games. I am not, myself. That’s a tradition that goes back to Speech & Debate in High School. During a S&D tournament, one can review the judge’s notes and try to adjust one’s performance in-tournament. But I never did…. Some of it is that I like the downtime away from the chessboard (and I feel like I’m playing enough chess today.) The other factor is that I don’t want to end up correcting my play, only to have that give me other weaknesses. I can always analyze my whole performance later.

It may seem odd that I’m enjoying myself, with two losses so far. But the reality is that while I want to win, I remind myself of my primary goals in playing chess. Winning is not on to of that list. So, if that means I lose a game or games I still haven’t lost, if you follow. Thus I really am enjoying myself.


Round 3 was another loss to an 1184 player. (Actually, the brother of the player in Round 2.) I had a few other things to accomplish, but I think I felt like I was stronger than this. It was still a very good game, we worked it down to the endgame and the other player had a Knight advantage. I think I was actually winning at one point. But three losses in a row – not good.

Then in Round 4 I scored my first tournament win against an player rated 906. It was a Italian Game, Two Knights defense. I actually blundered by playing 4. Nc3 instead of 4. d3. So the other player got to equalize by forking my Knight and Bishop with a pawn, but I recovered well. A few moves later I went up a Queen. But again, on move 17 I made a less-than-optimal play.

Northbridge tournament, Round 4, after 18. ...Ke7

Northbridge tournament, Round 4, after 18. ...Ke7

I went straight out for 19. Rfe1+. Although I’m not hurting, the best response would have been 19. …Ne6 – breaking up the attack somewhat as then I’d have to shift my Queen. I was lucky – the other player played 19 …Kd7. That allowed me to continue my assault and go up a Rook. Mate came on move 25.

I have to confess feeling a little sorry for my opponent. She was a 5th Grade girl who finished 0/4, and the only player with a 0 score. But she played well against me, and it was an honorable game. Also, in the chess world if you’re going to enter the kitchen of tournament play you take the heat. And I did feel good about my first tournament win ever, and don’t feel I have to apologize for that.

So, about twelve hours later my record was 1/4. There was one other unrated player there… someone provisionally rated 2058 after the tournament – 7 games total. So he took home the trophy for Top Unrated. (Then again, did I really want a trophy for one win and three losses???? ;) OK, honesty time…. Yes I did. :D )

Even without the trophy I very much enjoyed my chess. Today, after shopping and other personal tasks, it will be time for deeper analysis – but I’ll have to use my other laptop for that work. Tomorrow night it’s again TCCC night. In the meantime

Enjoy your Chess!

First Regular Tournament Complete, Plus: eNotate!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

My first regular time control tournament is complete, 4 games of G/70 with 5 second delay. 1 win out of 4 games, about a 30 player field. I knew some, but not all, of the players. Not skunked!

I’ll write more about it sometime tomorrow. In a nutshell: I had a wonderful time, and Jeff Smith ran a great tournament!

eNotate usage: 4 rounds of G/70 with 5 second delay… Battery: 70%. Impressive! (I did reset the power settings to dim the display after 15 seconds and power the unit down after one minute. I think that certainly helped. Plus the fact that I never hit true time pressure in any of my games, and neither did my opponents.) I already got my games copied to an SD Card and then migrated to this computer.

Note: Windows 7 does not seem to want to connect to the Axim PDA at all – but I believe this is the fault of the Windows Mobile connection software and not the PDA itself or the cradle…. I have read a lot of problems with getting older PDA devices to work with the Windows software. Emphasis here is that I did get the games over to my laptop, but it took an SD card to do it at the moment. And double emphasis that the eNotate system is very good – still NO faults with using it. Thumbs way up on it!

In Windows 7 news, I’m also having lots of trouble getting it to recognize my near-new Sony MP3 player. (Sony says I can add music using Windows Media Player but they haven’t written a driver for the MP3 player for Windows 7.) I also had trouble installing the device drivers for the Targus Card Reader I just bought – though I can use the thing now. Although I like my laptop very much, so far Windows 7 is earning Epic Fail after Epic Fail in my book – I can’t see why it’s getting such impressive reviews. :(

Hardware trouble aside… I enjoyed my chess very much today. I hope today was a day where you could

Enjoy your Chess!

Off for a few days…

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

It’s Tuesday night as I write this. Though you’ll be reading this after Wednesday morning.

I can no longer call myself an unrated player. The four round Quick tournament I played in last month has finally been processed – my Quick Rating is provisionally based on four games at 999. (Four losses, no less!) So I’m on the board, so to speak. It becomes official on the next rating list. In other news….

I will play in in my first regular tournament this upcoming Saturday.

Tomorrow night I’ll be doing some final tactics and openings practice – I do not plan on setting up a blog post for Thursday AM. Thursday and Friday I may be online at the USCF Forums, but pretty much I’ll be giving myself a couple of nights off from Chess, Blogging, and the whole nine yards. (Resting up for Saturday! I’ll just be doing some personal meditation and motivation for myself.)

So, expect a post sometime on Sunday about how I did in the tournament, but not much – or anything! – before then.

Originally I was going to go and play tonight at Colley’s, but after dinner I find myself tired. Paying attention to that is a key in getting myself ready for Saturday. So I’ll be home tonight, mainly just resting up. Maybe a little tactics drilling on the tactics servers (Chess Tempo and Chess Tactics Server on the sidebar.)

I am finding that getting prepped for my first regular tournament is yet another way to enjoy my chess. I hope in the meantime you can

Enjoy your Chess!


Monday, December 14th, 2009

In my first tournament that I played in last week, I realized that all five of us who were playing are all USCF Tournament Directors. Maybe that accounts for not needing any rulings made.

Maybe I could organize a closed tournament only for those who are TDs?

Anyway, tonight is the first of the G/50 rounds in our progressive weekly tournament. I’m actually less nervous about this one. That surprises me, as I have always treated longer time controls more seriously than Blitz. (Not to take anything away from Blitz – it’s chess, too!)

So tonight I’ll be enjoying my chess, and I hope you

Enjoy your Chess!

And now it’s done

Monday, December 7th, 2009

My first rated event is indeed over. Five of us were present. Since tonight was the first Monday of the month, we made it a G/10 tournament. (Game in 10 – each side has ten minutes to make all moves.) Four rounds.

My score: 0 for 4. :D

But I did give it my best. I forfeited on time at least twice. I’m not used to playing this fast (not an excuse, but reality.)

My opponents ratings in Quick: 1536, 1620, 1350, 1624. My estimated performance rating : 950. (Though it’s not about that, to me.)

Against one opponent, I almost lost / found the one move to survive me / managed to go up a Queen / dropped my Rook / lost on time. :)

And it was fun, and I enjoyed it.

Next Monday: A round of G/50. I can’t wait! ;) I hope you, too continue to

Enjoy your chess!

I am actually nervous…

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Not hugely, but still.

After this evening I can no longer claim to be an unrated player. I am playing my first rated game tonight, in a tournament series on Monday nights.

I am calm, I am calm, I am calm.

Ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd ohmigawd.

OK, seriously now. I’m going to play my very best game. I will do my best to manage my clock and take the time I have to consider my moves. And, if I win, great! And, if I lose, it is *not* the end of the world. The game will be what my opponent and myself make it to be. And that will be sufficient.

I’ll edit this entry when I return tonight with the result. I’ll post the game as soon as I can.

I’m off and running to enjoy my chess. And

Enjoy your Chess!