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Another week, another video! :)

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

If you’ve posted a comment in the last five days and it hasn’t appeared, I’m working through the backlog of what Akimset has tentatively classified as spam. I’d warn spammers not to bother (again!) but it wouldn’t do any good. For those out there otherwise posting comments, I hope there

Aside from that, I got by the club on Saturday and played a couple of games. One of them is now immortalized on video here. ( ) It is a good object lesson on why pawns and their protection can be a valuable thing in a game.

I’m hoping in this next week to resume updating the blog two or three times a week. Which probably means Murphy’s law will kick in and somehow try to prevent that. But here’s hoping… ;)

New Video – “I hope you relish it as much as I!”

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Since I don’t have to worry about my Blog problems immediately, and I didn’t get over to the club tonight for play, I decided to record a video and upload it to

So here’s the link over to it. ( for the link-impaired out there.) Like Tranya in the Star Trek episode The Corbomite Maneuver, it’s just for entertainment and not a “serious chess video.” But making these videos are one way I enjoy my chess, and I hope that watching it will help you to

Enjoy Your Chess!

New Video

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

I’ve gotten a new headset microphone (pretty simple – a $25 Logitech model,) and have now broken it in with a new video over at The video location is here, and the game referenced (an Ammonia Opening) is now up here.

Enjoy your chess!

The Day After…

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

a really depressing movie about nuclear holocaust in the 80s and people surviving in light of it. ;) (Trek Trivia: The Day After was directed by Nicholas Meyer – the force behind Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and was involved with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. KHAAAAAAAAN!!!!!)

I went ahead last night and did analysis on my losses. My most serious blunder of the tournament is now immortalized over at – have a look! Not quite as bad as nuclear holocaust, but a close analogue over the chessboard.

And life goes on… time to do other Sunday/Sabbath things now. :D

Enjoy your Chess!

“OldPatzer” Helps the Young Patzer

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

I’m resting up now following TDing at the Tri-Valley scholastic tournament today.

Earlier I posted my fourth video to ChessVideos.TV, just a basic review of a Ruy Lopez game between Nakamura and Carlsen in Corus. (The video is here, for any interested!)

In the video I asked if anyone listening could give me the correct pronunciation for the opening. Stepping up to the challenge was forum member “OldPatzer,” who gave me not only the pronunciation of the opening (Roo-eee), but also gave me a link to the pronunciation ( .)

Check out the chessvideos link above for more from OldPatzer on the pronunciation, including the variations of “Lopez.” :)