Wednesday, December 07, 2022 10:10

Comment/Spam Policy

For a long time I had severe spam issues.   At one point, between April 8 and 23, 2010, I had 913 spam comments.  (Were I only to have so many human readers!)

There are spam filters operating on this blog.  If a comment is placed into the spam filter, it is deleted without reading it. The filter is very good – every one I’ve reviewed is a positive hit.

There is a separate holding area for comments that are not auto-approved but not known spam.  They are held there until I can review them, which is typically a couple times per week.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a comment there that I have not approved, and I usually reply to every comment as soon as it has been approved.

Here’s some tips for those who wish to comment:

  • Posts which simply say, “Good Job!,”  “Like the site!,” etc….  I like such comments – I like to know people are reading what I’ve written.  What writer doesn’t?  But it is quite probable that I will edit or delete such comments, and such comments may autofilter it to spam.  It is better if…
  • Comments must be about the subject I’ve written on.  If it’s not about the topic, expect it to be deleted.
  • On most posts and pages comments are now automatically closed after a fairly short period.
  • Don’t expect me to approve any post where you have identified yourself using a commercial website or product.  You should know what I mean – “Supah Berry Juices,” “Good Ensurances of Thy Vehicle,” “Fly Agra culture,” etc.  (Names edited because they can be used by search engines and bots to target a spammable site.)
  • No, I don’t trade links, except for very select other chess sites.  You can ask in a comment if I’ll link to you – I’m pretty sure you get one link in your body text before the spam trigger trips.  I’ll check out your site and decide.  Already having linked to me scores points.  If I don’t get back to you, inquire once if I saw the link request without including the link.  If I don’t get back to you after that, I’ve declined the offer (though I can’t see myself not actually telling you so….)  Warning:  I’m not sure why I’m writing in such detail – I’m very particular and want to keep my link list relatively small.