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Open Letter to Yahoo!

Monday, November 25th, 2013

My apologies for making a non-chess post in my rarely-updated chess blog… I really have chess stuff to blog about, if only I had the time.

Dear Yahoo! (and Marissa Meyer):

PLEASE stop screwing around with offering me updated functionality I’ve never asked for, without giving me a way to keep my classic functionality. One reason I’ve stayed with Yahoo! for all these years, and paid you over fifteen bucks a month for years on end, is because your user experience is constant.

Using Y!Mail on my Netbook is now a painful experience thanks to all the crap you’ve loaded down Yahoo mail with. Your iPhone YMail app includes lots of counter-intuitive behavior. On both platforms I can’t quickly find a way to filter down to my unread mail and deal with it efficiently.

I cannot stand how you’ve screwed with my My Yahoo page, and won’t be using it anymore. Ditto for Yahoo sports.

And you recently decided to not renew keys for Akimset spam filtering on the three WordPress blogs that I run (the biggest element of what I still pay for webhosting with you for.)

Yahoo Board, I call on you to closely scrutinize your new CEO’s actions and approvals in these matters. I am on the very raw edge of quitting Yahoo in favor of other services which have already modernized – if you’re going to force change on me, I might as well take my business someplace that has already worked the bugs out of their systems. I sincerely doubt I’m the only one considering going to considerable effort to break whatever lock-in you thing you’ve gotten off of me.

The young and hip “Let’s update everything to imitate the market leaders” isn’t market leadership, and it will lead you straight into obscurity. As it does for many who imitate the best instead of innovating to be the best.

And, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, get off my lawn, too.


Darren Erickson