Sunday, January 29, 2023 10:11

U.S. Championships 2011 – St. Louis

A half dozen of us from the club are here in St. Louis today to watch the Semifinal Round 1 of the U.S. Championships. Garrett Scott, Joe Alford, Chris Morgan, Dennis Bourgerie, Michael Boyle, and I are all present. I will be blogging live / adding photos as I can today.

After arriving and looking around for awhile, we went for lunch at Pi, a pretty famous pizza placd here in town. Great pizza, but it caused us to be a couple of minutes late coming back in; as such I missed the chance to take board photos. (Oh, well!)

3:06 – been looking at the Shankland-Kamsky game. It’s different to be here, as opposed to watching it on video. Some of it is being in the audience and watching the audience reactions to things. There are GMs in the audience today as well.

After looking at the boards for a few minutes, I came back down to the analysis room. (Where I am right now at 2:15.) The plyaers have already advanced their openings (8 or so moves for each player.) Hess-Shulman is the match to be watching IMVHO, though the Krush-Zatonskih match is also compelling.

4:35 – Warm in the commentary room… Michael Boyle and I played two games outside upstairs and then came back to the commentary room. Been watching Irina Krush implode, also. (Implode in the minds of the commentators, a patzer like me can follow along with the analysis but not come up with it. A common problem for us patzers – how do we bridge the knowledge gap? And then, when a couple of moves later Krush hasn’t actually imploded after all, even if Zatonskih is better off.)

5:02 – The sort of thing you never get a chance to see if you’re not here in person, seeing GM’s Seirawan and Hammer discussing the games.

GMs in the room include Ben Finegold, Jan (Jann??) Hammer, and Yasser Seirawan. (And of course Maurice Ashley and Jennifer Shahade doing our commentary.)

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  1. Dennis Bourgerie says:

    It really was a great experience seeing the U. S. Championship in St. Louis. There is something about actually being there that cannot quite be experienced simply by seeing a video of the event. In addition the St. Louis chess club has an outstanding selection of chess books and videos—-this is my second year at the U. S. Championship and each time I found the best book that I purchased that year. The drive and the experiences with friends who go make the day even more memorable. Three cheers for the championship in St. Louis.