Sunday, January 29, 2023 08:31

Normal Open Chess

(The all-too-cliche joke in Bloomington/Normal would be, “As opposed to Abnormal Open Chess?”)

Yesterday it was up to Northbridge Baptist church to play in a 4 round G/70. In deference to the joke, though, the turnout was abnormally light. Aside from one person from Hudson, nobody from out of town came despite lots of promotion.

Jeff showed why he’s a Senior TD, though, in rolling with the punch: The players collectively decided we’d forego the prizes in order to just play some rated chess. (And much thanks to Bill Barton and the folks at Northbridge in allowing the use of their facilities.)

Before the day was done, eleven of us had played seventeen games in total. (Several players either left early, arrived late, and one house player – the director – had one game.) But it was still a fun day, and much thanks to Jeff for setting it up!

I only had one win for four games. I felt pretty good about my level of play in all of them, though. In all four games I reached an endgame (though in the first game I flubbed in the early middlegame and played a silly desperation move in attempting to pull a draw out when I saw a loss coming,) and in all my losses I made my 1300s-1700s opponents work very hard to get their points.

Instead of thinking it is time to resume my correspondence play, I’m going to delay that until I get some good analysis time on all four games. Which is another reason to appreciate the games – there are good learning moments in all of them.

So, it has been a good weekend for enjoying my chess. I hope that you can also

Enjoy your chess!

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  1. Dennis Bourgerie says:

    Our game is good illustration of how to learn openings. White’s first 3 moves are fine. Move 4. Bd3 ?! is probably not correct. So White could play 4. e4-e5 or 4. Bc1-g5 or 4. e4xd5. So gradually one can increase the depth of one’s openings. Another thing to keep in mind when playing or against the French Defense is that White’s light-squared Bishop is his best minor piece and Black’s dark-squared Bishop is his best minor piece. So neither side wants to trade his best minor unless he gets something for it! Enjoying your blog!