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Decompression starting….

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Here is the theme for this post… you can play it as you’re reading and it will be clear before the post is over.


So now the scholastic season is over and done, the club championship is over and all we have left are the trophy presentations for it, and I’m taking a little and tiny breather. A good time for taking stock…

The last six months were very busy. By month:

  • September into October was taking and passing the Local TD exam, with a trip up to DeKalb.
  • Late October was when this blog ate itself and had to be reborn/respawned.  (Some of the older posts are still missing pictures…)  That took me into mid-November.
  • Early December it was the Turgut simul, my first experiences as Chief TD of an over-30 player event, the start of the scholastic season / first experience running a computer room (only two of us, but still!), an aborted attempt to drive to a tournament in a blizzard,  and most of the rest of December was taken with organizing my first tournment as Chief TD of a large local scholastic tournament.  Plus there was that little thing called Christmas.
  • January had going up to DeKalb again with other club members to make up for the last trip which was aborted by blizzard, the actual play of my first Class C TDing experience as Chief TD (I think…), the completion of my last correspondence game which I don’t think I had time to blog about, heading down the Decatur for the Gerald Anderson memorial, the annual Martin Luther King scholastic tournament, the beginning of the club championship, and a few days off to attend the wedding of my nephew in Florida, and a hasty retreat back up to Illinois to get home before the second major blizzard of this winter.
  • February continued directing the club championship and scholastic directing at Colene Hoose (floor,) Benjamin (computer,) Oakland (sole computerman for a school doing its first scholastic – also first time doing 100+ players in four sections on computer by myself,) and Prairieland (computer,) and finally the last round of the Club Championship.
  • In March I had the opportunity to work computers at my first seriously major tournament (one section of 160 or so players in a single section, tournament attendance was right around 520,) and also run computers for the Blitz event Friday night of that.  Then back to the G/20 action.
  • Although I’ve mentioned some of the torunaments I’ve played in, the count is around 23 rated games and I don’t know how many unrated games, including a DRR in the computer room at Prairieland.
  • And now it is now, and I’m soaking my troubles away in the tub…  And, just coming on my player is, “Endgame,” from the original CD of the musical Chess, where a deep chorus sings the names of the World Champions through Kasparov in a most reverent tone followed by a motif with the world champions chanted….  “……  Might never be a World Champion, but one cannot say I lack of devotion to the game.

But now, these things are done and gone except for the memories and the learnings. A little rest is in order.

And then I’m thinking it’s time to get out of the tub and figuring out how I’m getting up to DeKalb this Sunday for another tournament, pick up the threads of a Decatur/Springfield/Peoria/Bloomington league play season, playing in a tournament here in mid-April, organizing another scholastic for late April, and maybe picking up with correspondence chess again. Unless one ends it, it is never time to stop being able to

Enjoy your Chess!

It’s been awhile…

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

…Not that things haven’t been happening, rather that too much has been happening for me to keep up on the blogging. Scholastic season is almost done, the club chess championship ended Monday night (won’t even discuss my performance… but you can check out those results and more ), and I’m darn near exhausted.

A little rest in the next couple of weeks and I’ll be back to my bouncing-off-the-walls stuff.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out the following from xkcd. It’s a webcomic that does not focus specifically on chess (though this is the second chess-themed comic I’ve seen from them, and it’s one of my personal favorite comics, bar-none.) Until next time, Enjoy your Chess!

Good stuff from XKCD!