Sunday, January 29, 2023 09:51

So one of these days, I’ll get back to chess…. ;)

I’m coming closer to being at the end of Ye Olde Blog Configurations.  I like almost everything about this theme better, except that I miss my old black-text-on-white-container for the posts themselves.  I’m trying to keep away from going too deep on the php edits again, seeing how my track record has been.

But it hasn’t all been old blog configuring.  One thing that I learned as part of the restoration process is that Y! Webhosting allows multiple WP blogs to be started in the same site.  Also, I’d been working on a website for our chess club to complement the Facebook site that another member is developing.  But static management was getting to be a pain in the tail – just trying to keep it all square.  So…. behold!  I really think it is possible to create a type of website based off of using WordPress as a sort of CMS system.  (There are commercial packages which blur the line even further, making it darn near impossible to tell that one is seeing a blog system instead of a website.)

The club blogsite/site is still very definitely in beta (I need some feedback from other club members, as well, as it is just something I’ve been doing with sort-of-semi-sanction.)

But I like it.  It’s light theme (the default WP theme just very lightly tweaked) is quite enjoyable.

One last piece of web news (and thanks for wading through it…  this is supposed to be about chess, not tehInternetsTechnoGeekery):  The spam flood continues, and I’m quite sick of people hogging out my bandwidth to post spam comments – even if they are easy to manage.  So I’ve taken the step of closing comments on most of the posts in the Blog.  I may develop exceptions to certain posts (like the Tools of the Trade series.)  But for now, if it’s 30 days old and uncommented, it’s now locked.

I do wish the spammers would develop better tools to see that a blog using Akimset is dang near impossible to spam, so don’t bother…


But there is chess news….  Back in September I posted about how I jumped right back into another correspondence series.  Of the four games in my class tournament, one of them ended when my opponent failed to make the time control before move 8, and I just resigned another one.  (That one had already defeated the other two players for a perfect 4.0 score.)  So, I hope that before the weekend is over I’ll have a post about that lost game.  I may also make a video again.

One of the hard parts about correspondence is that, aside from dull detail about how far along each game is, I try to be sensistive about not receiving feedback about the active game.  So blogging becomes, “Hey I’ve started,” and then an update four months later.  :O

But of the other two games, I think I’m definitely near the end of one of those.

So it’s been a mix of enjoying my chess through actual playing and journalism infrastructure, I guess.  Until the next update (with game analysis, hopefully!)  I hope that you

Enjoy your Chess!

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