Sunday, January 29, 2023 09:23

Bradley Round 4 – Home Again, Home Again

Well, it’s all said and done… final round is over for me. I ended up losing to a 1248 rated player. This one, though, was one of those stimulating and even games that will be most fun to analyze. I ended up trading off Queens and getting powerful counter-threats as Black against a backwards pawn. The problem was that I just didn’t have enough to execute the attack and White had just enough tempos to force a promotion.

When I finally resigned, we had less than 20 minutes left on the clock between both of us. Not bad for a 160-minute time control.

I’m glad it’s the game I ended on, though. I’d rather have a stimulating loss than an easy win. (Well, OK, I’ll take a stimulating win over that… ;) ) At least I didn’t drop any pieces horribly, and I think it’s the best game I’ve ever played facing 1. d4.

Anyway, Kudos to Bradley University and Wayne Zimmerle for putting on a great tournament, and I expect to be back at the 48th Annual Bradley Open. :D (Must remember to take camera next time!)

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