Sunday, January 29, 2023 09:32

Bradley Round 3

Well, now I finally have a little bit of time. 3:42 PM; my game took about 45 minutes and the next round starts at 5:00. So I can talk just a little more…

This is my first time on the Bradley University campus in Peoria. I’m actually glad to be at a college campus for a tournament… reminds me of the happy days when I was a student myself. I must admit to missing campus life!

It’s a very nice day and a nice campus. The Student Center where we’re playing has ample seating and places to hang out in between rounds. The tournament facilities are very nice – bathroom right off of the playing area with a lounge in between. We were a little crowded in Round 1, but then another room was opened for the top five boards.

This round there were 16 boards in play, which means 32 players. I was playing bottom board, and they had made only 15 board places, so we had to snap out a table quickly so we could play our game.

So, my round three game was against a scholastic player from the Bloomington area that I hadn’t met before. It turns out she’s taking classes with Colley. When I saw that her rating was 120 I didn’t expect much trouble, but it did take longer than I expected. I wasn’t hurting at all, but she made some good defensive moves at points which required me to think about how to use the extra material that I had amassed.

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OK… time to go and relax a little and have a little nosh. :)

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