Sunday, January 29, 2023 09:36

My “First” Correspondence Game Complete

I’ve mentioned in the last couple of posts that I’ve gotten back into correspondence play again. I began four games on May 19th. Almost three months later, the first of them is finished. It turned out to be a miniature of 18 moves, and my opponent resigned when I forced mate in 3. It was a long time for a short game, even by correspondence standards, but I gave my opponent some extensions on time.

The vast majority of correspondence games today are played by a webserver – the server keeps a record of the moves and time, etc. I believe Chessbase has some function for interacting with correspondence servers (at least for the ICCF server I think.) But I’m doing what might be considered ‘old school’ today, and playing by email. I signed up with Internet Email Chess Club, a free-to-play group.

Ordinarily I support the United States Chess Federation as I can, and I expect that I will eventually engage in correspondence play there. They offer e-mail and postal mail rated play. However, I believe that all the USCF game options cost entry fees to begin.

I’d like to try an actual postal mail game too, just to say I’ve done it. But I think it would be easy to rack up $10.00 or more of postage in such a game. (Granted, that would be spread over three to six months of play, but still…)

Eventually I may post my game, but I need to do a little reconfiguring of ChessBase to achieve that. (My HTML generator is currently set to generate games for my screen saver…) But a first victory is a good start, nonetheless!


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