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Bradley Round 4 – Home Again, Home Again

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Well, it’s all said and done… final round is over for me. I ended up losing to a 1248 rated player. This one, though, was one of those stimulating and even games that will be most fun to analyze. I ended up trading off Queens and getting powerful counter-threats as Black against a backwards pawn. The problem was that I just didn’t have enough to execute the attack and White had just enough tempos to force a promotion.

When I finally resigned, we had less than 20 minutes left on the clock between both of us. Not bad for a 160-minute time control.

I’m glad it’s the game I ended on, though. I’d rather have a stimulating loss than an easy win. (Well, OK, I’ll take a stimulating win over that… ;) ) At least I didn’t drop any pieces horribly, and I think it’s the best game I’ve ever played facing 1. d4.

Anyway, Kudos to Bradley University and Wayne Zimmerle for putting on a great tournament, and I expect to be back at the 48th Annual Bradley Open. :D (Must remember to take camera next time!)

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Bradley Round 3

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Well, now I finally have a little bit of time. 3:42 PM; my game took about 45 minutes and the next round starts at 5:00. So I can talk just a little more…

This is my first time on the Bradley University campus in Peoria. I’m actually glad to be at a college campus for a tournament… reminds me of the happy days when I was a student myself. I must admit to missing campus life!

It’s a very nice day and a nice campus. The Student Center where we’re playing has ample seating and places to hang out in between rounds. The tournament facilities are very nice – bathroom right off of the playing area with a lounge in between. We were a little crowded in Round 1, but then another room was opened for the top five boards.

This round there were 16 boards in play, which means 32 players. I was playing bottom board, and they had made only 15 board places, so we had to snap out a table quickly so we could play our game.

So, my round three game was against a scholastic player from the Bloomington area that I hadn’t met before. It turns out she’s taking classes with Colley. When I saw that her rating was 120 I didn’t expect much trouble, but it did take longer than I expected. I wasn’t hurting at all, but she made some good defensive moves at points which required me to think about how to use the extra material that I had amassed.

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OK… time to go and relax a little and have a little nosh. :)

Bradley Round 2

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Must be even faster here… Lost again to Sam Heil, a local scholastic player… but he’s rated 1496.
Hope for round three? ;) It begins in about ten minutes…

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It seems that maybe the chess viewer has trouble with names or multiple rounds? Or maybe I loaded the wrong game…

Bradley Open Round 1

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Must go quickly, as I am scarfing lunch while doing this. Round two starts officially at noon, in about eight minutes.

First game was Black against a player rated 1616. I lost a pawn early on, and that turned out to be my undoing. ;)

Oh well. A fun game, and next round coming up!

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A Quick Decision to join a Tournament, Plus Game Test

Friday, August 27th, 2010

So I was scanning the tournament listings a few days ago at the Illinois Chess Association website, and came across the 47th Annual Bradley Open happening in Peoria this weekend. It’s a little longer time control than I really like, but also figured, “Hey, why not?” I can use a day of chess playing without directing, and the four games will count very nicely towards getting off my provisional rating for Regular rated games.

(I also found out that to step up to the Local Tournament Director level it’s my Regular rating that has to have 26 games played, not just my Quick rating. This tournament will bring me to 25 games.)

If you’re in Peoria at the tournament tomorrow, say Hi! (But if you are there… it’s after 10PM the night before… what are you reading Chess Blogs for??? ;) ;) )

So, if I can find a WiFi connection tomorrow, I’ll probably be doing my round-blogging thing. Just as a test, I’m going to try to display my first Correspondence Chess win courtesy of the Caissa’s Web game display software:

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My “First” Correspondence Game Complete

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

I’ve mentioned in the last couple of posts that I’ve gotten back into correspondence play again. I began four games on May 19th. Almost three months later, the first of them is finished. It turned out to be a miniature of 18 moves, and my opponent resigned when I forced mate in 3. It was a long time for a short game, even by correspondence standards, but I gave my opponent some extensions on time.

The vast majority of correspondence games today are played by a webserver – the server keeps a record of the moves and time, etc. I believe Chessbase has some function for interacting with correspondence servers (at least for the ICCF server I think.) But I’m doing what might be considered ‘old school’ today, and playing by email. I signed up with Internet Email Chess Club, a free-to-play group.

Ordinarily I support the United States Chess Federation as I can, and I expect that I will eventually engage in correspondence play there. They offer e-mail and postal mail rated play. However, I believe that all the USCF game options cost entry fees to begin.

I’d like to try an actual postal mail game too, just to say I’ve done it. But I think it would be easy to rack up $10.00 or more of postage in such a game. (Granted, that would be spread over three to six months of play, but still…)

Eventually I may post my game, but I need to do a little reconfiguring of ChessBase to achieve that. (My HTML generator is currently set to generate games for my screen saver…) But a first victory is a good start, nonetheless!

The Hot New Post (Hot as in Temperature!)

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Long long time since I’ve blogged… But I’ve got a few minutes while I’m waiting for my wife’s flight to arrive from Chicago. (Much like a recent blog post by Mig!)

I’ve had a number of things keeping me busy since we went to St. Louis. (BTW, the facilities there are as good as the August Chess Life makes them out to be!)

Non-chess wise, aside from work, home life, etc. I’ve taken up poker online (and winning at it!) Also, fishing season has returned and I try to get out every weekend for at least a couple of hours at one of the ponds at a local city park.

Chess-wise, I’ve been enjoying my chess but haven’t had a lot of time to blog about it. My four correspondence games are continuing. Been playing since mid-May and I seem to be in good position still in all four games. When they’re finished I’ll probably blog (and/or video) about them. But that has soaked up quite a few hours.

Tournament-wise our local club has been running events on every Monday night (plus the last quarterly tournament we held.) If I haven’t been playing, I’ve been directing. (More directing than playing, I think.) This has made me very close to one of my goals now – I believe I have sufficient Quick-rated played games and directing experience to now request the test to become a Local TD. (I’m not sure if I have to wait for those games to be reflected in my official rating or not – and I think I asked that question of USCF already. :O ) I’m still learning, though, just like any other TD worth their pawns… I think the test will help me focus on my areas to grow in.

One of the hard things about blogging is the periods that make for the best blogging are the times when I’m busiest and have the least time! (True for everyone, though, I know…) Then throw in hat it’s the dog days of summer here and we’ve had energy-sapping high humidity as well as heat. Enough griping, though…

One thing some of our club members have come up with is that we’d like to play some tournaments outside our local area and meet other players than the regulars at our club. So I’m also looking into what tournaments are coming up out there. (Seems like tournaments are a little more sparse in the summer. But having freinds to carpool with makes the radius a little larger to find places to play.)

Well, the wife’ plane should have arrived already…. and was listed as on time. So it’s time for me to keep moving along through the summer days enjoying my chess. Until I get the chance to blog again, I hope that you too keep finding ways to

Enjoy your chess!