Thursday, January 21, 2021 17:17

From the World to the U.S.

The World Championship is a memory now – congratulations to still-champion GM Viswanathan Anand!

Now it’s the U.S. Championships. A different sort of format, 9 rounds leading to a single Quad final. I (along with a half dozen or so others) will be heading down this Saturday to St. Louis watch the second round of the three quad finals games.

And the results are interesting so far. After four rounds, there are seven players tied for first place with a 3.0 score. (3!) Six of the seven are two wins and two draws. One (Stripunsky) is three wins and one loss.


In personal news, awhile back I had mentioned that I was considering picking up correspondence chess. Well, I went ahead and signed up and set myself up for a two set of two games each. Now I’m just waiting to be paired for them. Aside from the regular club night and Saturday mornings, fishing season and playing online backgammon and poker have been taking up a lot of time lately. But I’m still enjoying my chess, and hope that you can

Enjoy your chess!

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